Bombardier to Offer Pilot Training to People Buying Learjet 85

April 11th, 2011 at 04:04 am in News
The famous aircraft manufacturing agency Bombardier Aerospace has recently purchased a Learjet model of 85 full-flight stimulator; the deal occurred between Bombardier and CAE. This model is bought by the company mainly for training the customers and helping the aircraft testing procedure. This step taken by Bombardier is a preparation before the delivery of the first model of a Learjet 85 in 2013. The president of the  [...]

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  • Bombardier to Offer Pilot Training to People Buying Learjet 85
    The famous aircraft manufacturing agency Bombardier Aerospace has recently purchased a Learjet model of 85 full-flight stimulator; the deal occurred between Bombardier and CAE. This model is bought by the company mainly for training the customers and helping the aircraft testing procedure. This step taken by Bombardier is a preparation before the delivery of the first model of a Learjet 85 in 2013. The president of the customer services of Bombardier Aerospace, James Hoblyn said that this newly purchased aircraft stimulator will help them immensely in modifying the flight features and designs of the stunning aircraft. He also remarked that it will allow the company to offer pilot training to the customers before the delivery of the first model of Learjet 85, which is set to appear within the next 2 years. People will be able to purchase  [...]
    Posted at April 11th, 2011 in News
  • Diamond Air Plane Models
    The Diamond air planes are products of the Diamond Aircraft Industries. This aircraft manufacturing company is basically an Austrian organization known for producing motor gliders and general aviation airplanes. The company has one of its main manufacturing facilities in London, Ontario. Diamond air plane models include the series of light aircraft and the series of single-engine jet aircraft known as the Diamond D-Jets. This article will offer you information about the Diamond air plane models Diamond DA40XL and Diamond DA40 XLS. The Diamond DA40XL can accommodate one crew member and 3 passengers. It has a length of 26 feet 5 inches or 8.1 m; and its height is 6 feet 6 inches or 1.98 m. The wingspan of this aircraft is 39 feet 2 inches or 11.9 m. When empty, the Diamond DA40XL weighs 1,755 pounds or 795 Kg. The maximum takeoff weight  [...]
    Posted at April 8th, 2011 in Diamond
  • The 2011 Edition of the Baraboo-Dells Air Show Is Cancelled
    This year’s Baraboo-Dells Air Show is cancelled; the organizers of the show are citing the drop in the financial support from their sponsors as the primary reason behind this cancellation. The founder and the current head of the this annual event, Paul Rogers said that they had to send back the performers who were lined up to take part in the show as there were no funds for putting the event together. He is not sure why the sponsors have backed out, but feels it may be because of the dipping economy. The preserved dates for this event were the 25th and 26th of June, 2011 and the location was the Baraboo-Dells Municipal Airport. The event organized during the summer of 2010 was not as successful as expected by the organizers; but still 300 to 400 visitors flocked in the event area on each day of the 2010 show. According to the  [...]
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  • Columbia Air Plane Models: The Columbia 300 and Columbia 400
    The Columbia air plane series was manufactured by the Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. This organization used to build light aircrafts for general aviation. The company was captured by Cessna in November of 2007. Two of the most well known Columbia air plane models are the Columbia 300 and the Columbia 400 (it is referred to as the Cessna 400 since the acquiring of Columbia aircrafts by Cessna). Here we’ll be informing you about these two special creations of Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. The Columbia 300 was manufactured as Model LC40-550FG aircrafts. However, when marketed it was named as the Columbia 300. This model was certified by Lancair on 18th of September, 1998. This series of Columbia airplanes were equipped with a number of advanced features. Let us first check the engine specifications  [...]
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  • Bombardier Inc Signs Deal with COMAC
    One of the most celebrated aircraft manufacturers of the world, the Bombardier Inc has recently signed a deal with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. The agreement signed between the two companies includes deals on joint marketing strategies of aircrafts produced by each of them. This newly signed agreement opens up a possibility of future partnerships between the two companies. The deal was signed at an event in the city of Shanghai, China. The representatives of the two companies said that they will be exploring the synergy between their aircrafts that are currently in production i.e. between the C919 of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd. and the C-series aircrafts from Bombardier. This will allow them to recognize the program commonalities.  The officials of both Bombardier and COMAC also revealed that they  [...]
    Posted at March 28th, 2011 in News
  • Bombardier Air Plane: The Challenger 600 Series Air Planes
    Bombardier Aerospace is one of the most valued names in the global aircraft manufacturing industry. It is a division of the Bombardier Inc launched in the year 1986. The headquarters of this company is located in Dorval, Canada. The company produces commercial jets, business jets as well as turboprops. This article will inform you about the 600 series aircrafts from Bombardier, named as the Bombardier Challenger 600. The Bombardier Challenger 600 is basically a business jet series manufactured and marketed by Bombardier. This Bombardier air plane series was designed by the famous aircraft designer Bill Lear. Originally, the airplane was named as LearStar 600 after the name of its designer. Its first few units were marketed by Canadair, a company which was taken over by Bombardier in the year 1986. The Bombardier Challenger 600 had  [...]
    Posted at March 24th, 2011 in Bombardier
  • Boeing Receives Big Orders at the 2011 Hong Kong Air Show
    In the recently concluded Hong Kong Air Show, the Boeing Co. has won big orders, the most notable of which is the huge order for Dreamliners. It is the biggest order of Dreamliners obtained by the company in the past 3 years. The list of orders also include the new Boeing 747-8 Jumbo aircraft, a passenger jet. This orders for 747-8 Jumbo will offer the company the required sales boost for the new venture. Orders placed for 43 pieces of wide boy airplanes cost around 6 billion US dollars. The amount is determined after deducting the discounts offered by the company. There was signing event on the Asian Aerospace show’s opening day. The event witnessed the Hong Kong Airlines signing the MOU for 6 pieces of 777 freighter jet and 32 pieces of Dreamliner. Another big order came from Air China. They declared a huge order of 5 pieces  [...]
    Posted at March 21st, 2011 in News
  • Aerostar Air Plane: The Initial Models
    Aerostar air plane belong to a series of light transport aircrafts made in USA. These aircrafts are designed by the famous aircraft designer, Ted Smith. Originally these aircrafts were manufactured by the Ted Smith Aircraft Company; however, since 1978 every Aerostar air plane is launched has been produced by Piper Aircraft Corporation. The famous Aerostar 600 first touched the sky in October of 1967. The Aerostar 600s were basically midwing cantilever monoplanes. They were powered by 2 engines that were equipped with Avco Lycoming pistons. Each of the engines was capable of generating 290HP. The aircrafts also had tricycle landing gears. The Aerostar 600 could accommodate up to 6 people. The company produced a total of 282 units of this Aerostar air plane. These 282 pieces were manufacture under the labels of 4 different companies. The  [...]
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  • Gulfstream Air Plane: PopularGulfstream Aircrafts
    Gulfstream air plane is manufactured by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. The company is a part of the company called General Dynamics from the year 1999. Over 1,500 aircrafts are manufactured by the company for different purposes; the company produces airplanes for military, government, corporate and private customers. This point alone proves the versatility and technical abilities of the workers and designers associated with the company. The main facility of the company is situated in Savannah of Georgia. Many other Gulfstream facilities are located in different parts of the US, some of which are Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Appleton and Long Beach. The facilities of the companies located outside USA are in Mexicali, Mexico and Luton, England. This article will inform you about some of the most celebrated Gulfstream air plane  [...]
    Posted at March 3rd, 2011 in Gulfstream
  • Boeing Has Unveiled the Modified 747-8 Intercontinental
    The company has unveiled a new avatar of its Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. This aircraft model has chose to wear a fresh color scheme consisting of two enticing bright shades, orange and red shedding the traditional blue imprints it possessed previously. The company believes that this change will bring in significant fortune to the company and will help them win in its race with the closest competitor Airbus. Pat Shanahan, the Vice President of the commercial air plane division of Boeing addressed the press during the launch of this modified edition of the airplane at the company’s manufacturing facilities of Everett, Washington.  He described the newly launched 747-8 as a “marvelous flying machine” and informed that this launch by the company is a part of its numerous future plans. Jim Albaugh, the President of the commercial  [...]
    Posted at March 1st, 2011 in News